Tali’s Stress Tips

Tali Hecker, Health Editor

Another term of classes and another term of stress. This issue’s stress tips involve the de-stressing power of art.
The latest trend surrounding the healing powers of art is adult coloring books.
Carl Jung, one of the first scientist who studied the the healing effects of coloring found that when his patients colored it helped them become calmer. Coloring also activates both parts of the cerebral hemisphere.
According to psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala, the act of coloring involves logic and creativity. You use logic to pick
out the color for the shapes and patterns. By doing that you activate the analytical part of the brain. However, when you choose to mix and match colors, you activate the creative
side of the brain.
If you’ve been trying to meditate to help with your stress but it just isn’t clicking you are in luck, coloring is a form of meditation.
The Mandala design has been proven to be most relaxing pattern to color due to the detail of the design.
Writing is another super helpful way to relieve stress.
Writing is a great way to clarify your thoughts. By writing down what caused you stress during the day it can help you prevent those same stressors in the future because you will be able to identify the stressors more easily.
You don’t even need to write about what stressed you during the day if it will cause you more stress just thinking about it. Instead you can write anything else, like a poem or a short story. You could keep a journal to write your thoughts in or just use your phone when you have a free moment.
It is important to keep in mind that journaling doesn’t have to be done everyday to be effective. Kudos to the people who can consistently journal everyday; that takes real commitment.
For the more crafty people out there a fun way to deal with stress is to design a postcard you don’t plan on sending. It can be fulfilling to choose your own decorating patterns on the front to express just how you feel.
After decorating the front it’s time to let all your stress out on the back. Getting all your emotions out on paper can be difficult. I suggest ranting whatever comes to mind on the back or even just some simple doodles. You can basically write whatever you want because you will be the only person seeing it. It is healthy to let out your emotions instead of keeping them bottled up.
Unlike math, there is no one correct answer in art. Find the art that best expresses you and go from there. Whether you are good at art or not give it a shot because the magical healing power of art is absolutely worth it. I believe in you and your inner artist!