Kallie Debelak

Kylie Bolter, Opinion Editor

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Senior Kalie Debelak has interests in varying mediums ranging from drawing and photography to theatrical arts like choir. “I’ve always loved all types of art. I always used to doodle and draw and then that just turned into more fined tuned drawing,” said Debelak. “Photography was just something that I was good at and picked up.” For Debelak, art is something that puts her at ease. She feels she can express her thoughts and ideas without having to vocalize them. “I just can put my thoughts out there and people can think for themselves about it while I’m still being heard,” said Debelak. Her favorite media to use is charcoal because of it’s faced paced nature which keeps it interesting. Charcoal is easier to rework mistakes than other styles like oil pastels. Debelak said, “I did a self portrait and I think that was a big stepping stone for my art making.” Debelak says she focuses on drawing classes at the high school. She’s taken Drawing 1 up to AP/ Advanced Drawing this year. “My favorite part of the classes is all of the support and to be in a room with like-minded people who are passionate about the same thing you are,” said Debelak. “Even though there’s not a lot of talking going on, there is still a really great sense of community.” Debelak says her art has improved over time because of her peer influence. While her own style is general, having people in the class who focus on the small details has strengthened her as an artist, says Debelak. Debelak said, “I think because everybody has their own style, bringing in different perspective and different techniques makes the drawing better.” “I’ll have ideas of things I want to do but I don’t know how to put it into a picture, so I talk to my classmates or Mrs. Prosser to help me create that,” said Debelak. To get into a rhythm, she listens to Beyonce. “When I listen to Beyonce I get super productive. It’s my art makin’ music.” Her Instagram and other social media is used as a platform to get her ideas and thoughts out into the world. Utilizing Instagram as a tool to sharpen her eye for patterns and color pairing.

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