Paige Jaeger

Shelby Johnson, Staff Writer

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Although art is commonly seen as a visual form or expression, others have stepped up to the plate and made their own art refraining from just drawing, painting, and more. That unique form of art is singing and theater, as it takes a lot of courage to conquer such a skill. Senior Paige Jaeger found her passion for such art sophomore year, when a friend convinced her to try out for a play. “I figured out I could actually do this after I got called back for the part and practiced,” said Jaeger. According to Jaeger, without friend giving her a little push, she might not have fallen in love with singing and theater until later in life. Jaeger has always had a strong interest in music; besides singing she plays the percussion and ukulele. “For me, singing is an outlet and a way to express myself,” said Jaeger. According to Jeager, her strong connection to singing allows her to communicate using more than just words. When Jaeger found her passion for singing and performing, she wasn’t immediately great at it. She ran into a big challenge: Confidence. “I really lacked the self-confidence to sing in front of others, I didn’t want others to judge me,” said Jaeger. To develop her talent Jaeger began singing lessons at The Blue Water Theatre Company, which is also where she performs. “My adult mentors at Blue Water and my friends have been really supportive, helping me succeed to gain the courage it takes,” said Jaeger. She was supported by her peers and received positive feedback that allowed her to grow as a singer and performer. Currently, Jaeger is working on a play called “Shrek” as the Dragon. “I have learned to not be scared to sing in front of people because people aren’t as judgmental as you think in your head,” said Jaeger. “Once I gained the confidence, it all got easier allowing my singing to improve and go more in depth.”

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