Emily Olson

Sandy Sugi, Co-Health Editor

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Wayzata High School Senior Emily Olson is nothing short of a modern day Renaissance girl. According to Olson, her love for theatre, cooking/baking, and drawing is what fuels her passion for art. According to Olson she has acted in plays ever since the 5th grade, stating that she’s found some of her best friends through drama club. “I love the people you meet in drama/theatre,” said Olson, “it’s honestly just a good community to be surrounded by and to get to know.” Over the years Olson says has taken some big steps in expanding her knowledge of the theatre world. According to Olson, she has participated in every middle school play that she could, auditioned for and participated in numerous musicals and plays WHS, and attended the Guthrie Theatre Camp for two summers. “At the camps we’d get to work with professional actors, would learn to sword fight and other staple stage skills, and got to take Shakespeare lessons,” said Olson. With theatre, Olson said she feels as though more than anything you learn life and social skills rather than pure academic skills. “There’s this almost immediate payoff you receive after the closing of each performance when everyone starts clapping,” said Olson. “There’s just no other feeling in the world like it.”
According to Olson she admires the acting skills of some of her friends and other well known celebrities such as famous Broadway stage actress Sutton Foster and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor Chris Pratt. “I like Chris Pratt for his amazing comedic timing- he’s just super funny,” said Olson. “And I like Sutton Foster because she’s a jack of all trades.” “I also really look up to people like Erik Dagoberg, Kate Piering, and Dee Dee Sperry,” said Olson. “They always give 100% energy and it’s incredible how they manage to balance everything going on in their lives.” As for Olson’s love for the culinary arts, she has been her family’s personal cook for quite some time. According to Olson she cooks and bakes when she is bored. Olson says she enjoys learning new cuisines and even creating her very own special recipes. “Cooking was one of the things that my parents made sure to teach me (and my sister) when we were younger,” said Olson. “I definitely enjoy cooking more so than baking. I like the excitement of not knowing what you’re going to get in the end,” said Olson. According to Olson she has also recently taken up a position at the Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery in Maple Grove. Olson finds this as a great opportunity to spark food inspirations but and to work on her craft. “I also love the show Cutthroat Kitchen,” said Olson. “I learn absolutely nothing but it sure is entertaining.” Lastly Olson says she enjoys comic book drawing every now and then. According to Olson, her artistic passions began near the end of her Sophomore year. What began as doodles turned into short little boxed in sketches and she has even been paid for the use of one of her drawings of a dog. “I used to live near a comic book store,” said Olson, “Plus, I’ve always been a fan of marvel comics.” Even though forced to read it for class, Olson claims that Persepolis is one of her all time favorite graphic novels.

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