Aleythea Adams

Sara Pauly, Staff Writer

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Junior Aleythea Adams is a dancer, musician and artist at the high school. According to Adams, she has practiced contemorary, tap, jazz, and ballet at Summit Dance Shoppe. “I actually stopped dancing this year so I could dive into my music and try theatre and things along those lines,” said Adams. Adams is currently enjoying being in concert choir. Adams is also taking painting 2 and will be taking drawing 3 later this year. “I plan to go all the way through AP drawing,” said Adams. Outside of school Adams has been focused on playing the piano and the guitar to improve her music. “I don’t really look towards famous pop artists. I look towards people that have a unique and original style and express themselves with their work,” said Adams. According to Adams, her music taste ranges from movie scores to classical music to jazz and they all influence her own style. “I look around me in and see what’s in my everyday life that inspires me and what I want to create,” said Adams. While involved in ballet Adams said she was influenced by ballerinas Sophia Lucia and Juliet Doherty. “While I was taking dance lessons my ballet teacher Eric was an inspiration to me,” Adams added. “I love [the arts] so much, it just completes me which is why I have continued to pursue art and music,” said Adams. Looking towards the future Adams said, “I don’t know how pursuing the arts in college will look but I’m always going to be creating.”

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