Joey Carlson

Hadia Mohammadzadah, News Editor

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Joey Carlson began by drawing, rediscovering himself and finding a passion he loves. As a senior, Carlson has a vast experience with the endless opportunities art has to offer He chose photography.
Starting in only 6th grade, Carlson said “I’ve always liked taking pictures, but I didn’t start taking them in a creative, art manner until I got my first smartphone.”
Carlson was into drawing before photography. “I liked seeing the illustrations that were being made using different mediums,” said Carlson.
Carlson said when he started drawing, he realized “Wait, I’m not good at this,” then moved onto taking pictures as he thought it was another creative medium to experiment with and pursue. “Art in general influences me, so I gave photography a try,” Carlson added on his new venture of attempting different art fields.
Carlson uses a Rebel T5 Canon which he considers his first good camera. Carlson said, “I take pictures with both my phone and camera. It depends on what I’m doing. If it’s more casual I use my phone.”
“The reason I take pictures and share them for others is because I love art and I love how it can tell a story or make someone feel an emotion.”
“It’s nice to have an audience as well. my followers act as a boost of confidence,” Carlson said.
In the future, Carlson would like to pursue photography as a career but said that “the likelihood of that happening is very slim due to the difficulty of becoming recognized.”
Carlson’s favorite thing to take pictures of is nature.
“Photography is always on my mind, whenever my eye sees something that is aesthetically pleasing, I immediately take a picture,” said Carlson.

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