Annalise Coudeyre

Elisabeth Oster, Staff Writer

Annalise Coudeyre, a senior at Wayzata High School, became interested in pottery in seventh grade when her sister, Emma became involved in pottery at the high school.
According to Coudeyere, she has since started and explored the diverse world of pottery during her time at the high school.
”Art is important to me because you can really express a lot in art and tell stories by explaining in an abstract way,” said Coudeyre.
Throughout her high school year, she has taken Pottery 1, 2, 3, and advanced. After her first pottery class, Coudeyre said she knew she wanted to continue exploring the medium.
”I think pottery is really versatile,” said Coudeyre. “Pottery is just one aspect of whole ceramics concept. There’s also other parts of it such as sculptures, handbuilding, slab work, and all the options on the wheel as well.”
According to Coudeyre, her style is relatively simplistic but she is drawn to repetitive pattern.
Aside from pottery’s versatility, there are a lot of features of the medium that Coudeyre said drew her to regularly working with ceramics.
“I like pottery’s functionality. It’s really cool how you can plop some clay onto a wheel and it becomes something you can use every day,” said Coudeyre.
“My family’s cabinets are full of pottery! I think its functionality is something that really draws me because a lot of art is just for looking but with pottery, you can look at it but you can also use it,” Coudeyere said.
Coudeyre said she loves the fact that in the creative space she is given she is able to both create and have fun with it.
“No matter what you are making, the process always begins the same way; planning or at least having an idea of what you what to end up with,” said Coudeyre. “Then you have to get to work; just starting is always my biggest challenge.”
Although every part of the process is unique and vital to the final product and the art of creating, Coudeyre enjoys some aspects of the process more than others.
“My favorite part is throwing it on the wheel. It’s cool to watch your ideas take shape beneath your hands,” Coudeyre said.
Coudeyre said she has found inspiration through simply being a part of a classroom and artistic community for not only her art but also for her daily life.
“The art itself is great, but the friendships I’ve made in pottery class are even better. I love simply walking into the classroom, I can breath easier in there,” said Coudeyre.
To Coudeyre, she will keep the art of pottery as a passion as it is something she really has enjoyed and hopes to continue using the medium with that idea in mind.
”I think that the art people see inspires ideas and action, which is the most important part,” said Coudeyre. “Art essentially get people to start to think, whether it’s about an issue or a personal connection.”