Bernie or Bust?

Joe Kottke, Senior Staff Writer

Joe Kottke

The 2016 political race has been an especially interesting one. Both parties’ candidates have encountered problems with agitating the population, alienating their base, and staving off negative attacks–some of which were created by themselves.
Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, has an estimated fifteen million registered Republicans not voting for him in November according to the Washington Post. This includes many well respected GOP affiliates like John McCain, Carly Fiorina, and Mitt Romney.
The Democratic Party has more assuring statistics, with their ‘mainstream’ candidate, Hillary Clinton. Clinton has received very little opposition from her own party, but still has potential voters going against her.
A movement among Bernie Sanders called ‘Bernie or Bust’ prompts voters to write in Bernie’s name on the 2016 presidential ballot, instead of voting for Clinton. Although the majority of former Bernie supporters stated they are voting for Hillary in the upcoming election, this is still a huge threat to Clinton’s poll numbers.
A recent survey done by Huffington Post shows Hillary is only approximated to win by a slim margin of eight percent.
To assure a democrat win for presidency, all democrats must vote for Hillary. At this point in the race, there is no other option.
Many continue to hold on to the belief that writing in or voting third party will end successfully. The inevitable truth is it will come down to Clinton and Trump… and be a close one. Every vote that goes to a third party or an unregistered candidate, like Sanders will add to the voting gap between them.
Jill Stein, the presidential candidate of the Green Party, has taken in many lone Sanders fans after the Democratic National Convention announced Clinton’s nomination in late July. It’s understandable since both address commencing the political revolution.
Even Stein is persuading her followers to vote for Clinton, saying now is the time for “patience.” She urges voters that electing Donald Trump will stop the revolution dead in its tracks. She is optimistic that the political uprising that Sanders started will relentlessly continue over the span of Clinton’s term (assuming she’ll win) and affect the DNC in the next election.
Not only Stein opposes the Bernie or Bust movement, but so does Sanders himself. In the past months since the convention, Sanders has come out as a public promoter for Clinton and her campaign. He has been campaigning actively and independently for Clinton all over the map.
At a rally in New Hampshire in support of Clinton, Sanders announced “I have come here to make it clear as possible why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she must become our next president.” Hillary, in response later affirmed “We are joining forces to defeat Donald Trump!”
Many firm believers of the ‘Bernie or Bust’ movement suspect manipulation in the sudden support of the opponent’s road to victory.
An email between Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta and ex-legislative director Brent Budowsky was released on WikiLeaks in October. The email evidently shows Budowsky attempting to convince Podesta to pull any anti Sanders ads back during the primaries, saying “I thought it was dumb to be attacking Bernie. We are going to need his voters to turnout in November.” Now this time has come.
Bernie’s journey to office has been ended and protesting in his honor will makes no difference. Sanders fans who feel cheated by the political system and plan on holding out their vote from Clinton need to reconsider.
Whether it is accepted or not, either Clinton or Trump is going to become the next president of the United States.