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Neverwood: A Band of Harmonies

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Neverwood: A Band of Harmonies

Elisabeth Oster, Staff Writer

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The band Neverwood consists of three girls living around St. Paul and came into existence this summer through both collaboration and talent. But before they were band members, Becky Shaw, Elyssa Buhl, and Paige Becker were roommates.
“We just started playing around the house. We realized, oh wow, our voices sound very good together. We all have the desire to perform for other people so it was just really natural,” said singer, songwriter and guitar player Paige Becker.
“One of my friends asked if we could open a show for him and that’s when we forced ourselves to get songs ready to do it,” said Becker.
The band identifies itself as a singer-songwriter group but in reality, each band member contributes songs to the band’s repertoire.
“It’s not like just one person writes a song for a band. We have multiple people who all have different styles, but I think that’s what we like about it too,” Becker said. “We all get to be a part of something that doesn’t sound the same all of the time.”
Neverwood is currently on SoundCloud but they are hoping to get on to other programs eventually, according to the band.
“Songwriting is really personal; you’re really putting yourself out there. So at first it’s really hard to say these things to people I may or may not know,” Becker said. “But I think that’s also my favorite part of it because you get to share experiences.”
So far, Neverwood has collectively written and released five singles on SoundCloud: “He Has a Smile,” “Moon Man,” “Fine,” “Diamonds,” and “Forester.”
“It’s really amazing when I write something on my own and the girls will create a harmony or a new lyric. We all make it better, that’s a really cool part of it,” Becker said.
Collaboration is a key element of the band that makes each song stand on its own.
“Since we all write differently, we support each other with what songs we write,” said Becker.
The band has been playing at venues such as the Underground Music Cafe and The Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul.
“You actually get to see people in the audience really relate to them (the songs), if they respond well. I think that’s really cool, you’re not alone and when someone resonates with it you’re like, oh, I’m not crazy!” said Becker.
The band expertly mixes components of layered harmonies and an acoustic sound to create polished songs of depth and meaning. Most songs are led by whoever composed it, creating a fresh style for each song.
“Sometimes it’s just an hour of being really inspired and you just write it all out, grab a guitar, and play it. Or it takes a lot of time of just scrapping things and redoing,” said Becker.
To the band, it is more than just creating a song that is catchy or sounds good. It is also about what the words mean to them and how they can incorporate it into something they are passionate about.
“I think that the biggest part of the music process is just not trying to be perfect the first time you write something. Because then, you’re stopping yourself from further doing anything with it. You have to try to free yourself from that,” Becker said.
According to Becker, two of the three members of the band are from Minnesota; she is from Hastings while Elyssa Buhl is from Plymouth and a graduate of WHS.
“Becky is actually from Story City, Iowa but I met her at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul,” said Becker.
The most important part to Neverwood as a whole is to see how others react to their music.
“We love hearing people say they share our songs and pass them on to other people they know,” singer and keyboard-player Becky Shaw said.
Even with the good start the band has experienced so far, Neverwood wants to take opportunities as they come.
”Right now we are just using it as an outlet to play with our friends and be creative,” Becker said.
Listen to Neverwood on SoundCloud at

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Neverwood: A Band of Harmonies