“Blair Witch”


Kai Christiansen, Movie Editor

BLAIR WITCH is a soft reboot/ sequel to 1999’s cult classic horror film, The Blair Witch Project. A movie which I hated upon my initial viewing last year. With that said I wasn’t expecting much from this movie. I can surely say I was pleasantly surprised for the most part.
BLAIR WITCH revolves around Lisa Arlington, a documentary film student, and her friend, James. James is the sister of Heather from the original, and when he finds another tape of hers on the internet, he decides to look for her with the help of a few friends. I really just want to start off with
what I hate about this film, that being primarily the first 2 acts of the film. Majority of this film just feels like a rehash of the original, just with a bigger budget. This movie hits the same beats as the original and doesn’t really innovate or do anything exciting until the third act.
Not only does it feel extremely similar to the original, but the first 2 acts of this movie were filled with pointless and redundant jumpscares that were outrageously stupid and moronic. Multiple times when everything was intense, another character would walk up in stealth mode behind the camera and jump out saying “hey!” This isn’t scary. It’s stupid and makes no sense for the characters. They are in the middle of the woods, alone, and terrified. Why would they scare each other like that? Stuff like this in horror films really grinds my gears and takes me out of the film. Despite this out-of-character behavior, the characters felt genuine and realistic for most of the film. They acted like real people and felt distinguished from one another. Despite some over-acting at parts and jumpscares, they never felt fake and stereotypical and they all worked well with each other. The film is at its best during the third act. All the build up finally pays off for an climactic and terrifying final scene that makes you look back on the film in a different light. It’s intense, scary, and uses the found footage aspect to create a chilling ending to the film.
Overall, Blair Witch is an average and repetitive horror movie with a great third act that redeems majority of this film. It has decent acting, okay sound design, and is good enough to reboot this series.