Kai Christiansen, Movie Editor

ATLANTA is the most recent artistic endeavor of Donald
Glover’s, and like all the previous, this one is a knockout. Glover is an
extremely talented musician, comedian, and actor and this show
has further cemented my belief that Donald Glover is a modern
day renaissance man.
The show revolves around Earnest “Earn” Marks and his estranged
cousin Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles and their journey through the rap
industry and their opinions on art and commerce. A quote that
perfectly describes this show is one from Donald Glover himself;
“Like Twin Peaks’ for rappers.”
The music in this show is very good and is very catchy. I found
myself singing the Paper Boi song ‘paper boi’ over and over in my
head after hearing it. This isn’t very surprising considering Donald
Glover is an extremely prominent musician and I would have
been surprised if the show didn’t have good music.
Not only does this premiere show off Glover’s musical abilities, it
shows his comedic side as well.
Atlanta has a great sense of humor, ranging from classic drug
humor to race jokes to jokes that play on society and its norms.
Overall, the series premiere was a knockout and has become one
of my favorite TV shows already. The first episode ended with a nice
cliff hanger and built anticipation and intrigue for episode 2. Atlanta has good music, great acting, and
is very funny, and I highly recommend this show.
(I’m not going to rate this because it is only one episode and not the first season).