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Freshmen Adjusting to BCA
Freshmen Adjusting to BCA
Beatrice Song January 4, 2022

It’s no surprise that BCA, a challenging magnet school, can be an overwhelming environment to get used to, especially during a pandemic, when the Class of 2025 was faced with over a year of online school...

Study Habits: During Virtual and After
Angela Lekan, Author • January 4, 2022
If there is one thing that BCA students know better than anyone, it is studying. One of the defining characteristics of BCA is how its students spend a significant amount of their time preparing for various projects and assessments. As a result, they have had to develop a variety of different study habits to maximize their time, effort, and, as is the goal, their grade. But during a year of virtual schooling, many study habits had been flipped upside down and were in need of serious adjustments to accommodate the unprecedented situation. Now that school is back in-person, students have found themselves having to readjust, responding to the issue of studying in a variety of ways. 
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Athletes have begun to open up about their mental health but have been met by criticism. Whats the role of mental health in athletics? Should athletes talk about their mental health?
Athletes: Importance of Taking Care of their Mental Health
Trinity Hanse, Publicity Manager • November 3, 2021

Maintaining one’s health is extremely important for anyone but especially athletes. Their bodies and minds are put through constant stress and pressure while competing....

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What's Going on With TikTok?
Elena Jacoby November 25, 2020

Let’s talk about TikTok. The ByteDance owned application, which boasts hundreds of millions of downloads globally, has a tumultuous track record, both with its users...

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Pumpkin sculpting 2021
Halloween 2021 at BCA: What Went Down
Elena Jacoby and Cadee Lee November 6, 2021

Halloween at Bergen County Academies has always been considered one of the highlights of the school year. The Halloween assembly, costume parade, and Haunted Mansion have...

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Small Town Racism
Abby Saks June 18, 2021

2020 brought issues of racial and religious prejudices to the forefront of many discussions, largely due to the fact that the events of the year made it increasingly more...

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Projects: Physical vs. Virtual
Meghana Veldhuis, Managing Editor • December 15, 2021

The only thing more ingrained in BCA culture than tests are projects. Traditionally, BCA students have had the option to engage in independent research, internship, and performance...

Fall Must-Trys
Fall Must-Trys
November 3, 2021
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